Let’s Do This!

Let’s deploy love and care! Let’s make a difference for our brave men and women far from home! All we need is a plan. Well, after helping over 800 troops, I just happen to have one handy. Buoyed Up has invited me to share it with you.

The Plan

1. Do what you can

Care packages and adoption are awesome. But what is also true is that little things mean a lot. A single cup of coffee or a postcard can lift spirits too. I think what matters most is that our troops have irrefutable proof that they are not forgotten. That they are not out there alone. So anything you choose to do is meaningful and welcome. Whatever time you have or effort you can give is perfect.

2. Find a way to do it

There are a lot of great organizations out there. I have a page on my blog with the ones I’ve worked with. Along with their links, I include “What they say about themselves” followed by “What I say,” which is my personal experience. There are also some reader reco’s. I hope you find something there that is right for you. The page is called Ways To Make A Difference

Comfort & Joy

Our troops “do what they do” on holidays and every day. So do the people that love them. To all of you in the Buoyed Up family, I say thank you and wish you comfort and joy this season and always.



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