The Curse Continues


Let’s hope that the deployment curse is finally over. Both tires in my car have had flats and everything is now fixed. The coolant reservoir  is brand spanking new and everything is back on track with getting my car to work and back without getting stranded on the side of the road. And… my sprained wrist… well that will take 2-6 weeks to get back to normal.

Now it is just a matter of counting down the days until Popeye comes home. Pop should be home for roughly 2 weeks. Right now we are working out the who, what, where,when and hows of cramming 6 months into that itty bitty time frame while having the ability to get a little rest and relaxation. But we are looking forward to it.

Of course I, Ollie have been busy preparing for Pop’s return. I got out the tree and the lights. Dusted off the old mantle place and put up the Christmas stockings. Mother nature helped out a little as well by dumping 13 inches of snow on our little town. Everything Christmas is well underway…. at this moment we are only missing Popeye. And missing Pop at Christmas time  can only lead to one thing…. Baby Please Come Home! 



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