The Dream Sheet

Every sailor has one. It’s in their file. So, what is a dream sheet?  Near the end of A-school, sailors are asked to fill out a piece of paper that details where they would like to be based and what billet (job) they would prefer to have. If possible, the Navy tries (that is the key word- tries) to grant the sailor his or her dream billet in his or her dream location. Sailors don’t always get fulfillment of their dream sheets, but it gives both the sailor and the Navy a general direction of where the sailor would like to end up. (I would say the analogy is asking middle school students what they want to be when they grown up, and then trying to give them every opportunity to do it.)

Popeye’s Dream Sheet

Considering most of Popeye’s division brothers have or will soon be graduating their respected A-schools, Pop and I had a rather lengthy conversation about his dream sheet. He has an end goal in mind but there are a few choices between graduating A-school later this year and his final destination.

He excitedly shared the options with me. Each one had its perks. Pop was quick to point that out. He pointed out that if he choose one option his skills would vastly improve. If he chose another option he would gain critical experience within the fleet that would make promotions much easier to attain. His final option was cool, but he didn’t exactly like the course of training it entailed.

I listened to them all. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m just as excited as Pop is that he gets to “choose”, but my skeptical side kicked in. I know what his ultimate dream sheet is even if the Navy hasn’t asked for it yet. I can see how much he would love that billet and how cool it is for him to attain such a lofty position. But, I also see the danger in it. While he is focused on the status and the perks of the billet he wants (and 100% could do), I’m focused on what I need him to attain to be able to come back home (in one piece) once he has achieved it. Why? Because I know he can do it.

So, until the Navy asks him to turn his dream sheet in, we will continue to dream about the places Pop could go and the things he could do… and if I’m lucky enough, he’ll agree to prepare for the worst and we both will be expecting the best.

Until Next Time… TTFN





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