A Second Semester at A-school & A Weekend Job

Part of Pop's work load. (photo credit: My Popeye)

Part of Pop’s work load. (photo credit: My Popeye)

Well, Popeye is back into the swing of things at A-school. They have officially transitioned from part 1 to part 2 of a 4 part A-school.

What a work load

Not much has changed, yet Pop’s work load is ever increasing. He got his official semesters worth of books this week. The stack reaches past his knees. Pop also found out he made the tutor list. (Not to be confused with the tutoring list.) Since Pop has been doing so well, he has been assigned to tutor service men and women in his class and below.

And there is more!

Beyond basic A-school duties, homework, and tutoring, Pop had the opportunity to get in some volunteer time. I was told this was a volunteer scenario and not a voluntold one and Pop is extremely excited to do it.

Pop likes golf, although he is just about as proficient as I am when playing it. (I hit a gopher my 3rd hole out and the heads of all the golf clubs go flying when he tees off- oops) With MLK day right around the corner and a 4 days weekend to boot, Pop eagerly signed up to caddy during a celebrity golf tournament. He is just as excited as I am to find out who he will be caddying for or if he will be serving up hot dogs like one of his higher ranking officers did.

Well, that is about all for now. Until Next time- TTFN.



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