Heart of Gold announces Navy winner!

Gold Toe’s Heart of Gold contest yielded a winner this week and that winner has some serious Navy connections.

2nd gen Navy Enlisted Recruit Man with 3rd gen Navy Enlisted son.

2nd gen Navy Enlisted Recruit Man with 3rd gen Navy Enlisted son.

As a 2nd Generation Navy Enlisted man, Recruit man (as he is affectionately known) has known first hand the struggles and the feelings of loneliness involved with military service. When his son decided to follow in his footsteps, Recruit Man took on a personal mission to make sure troops, especially those newly recruited, had a way to remain connected with their loved ones and concrete support system for those who could not.

Recruit man had a basic mission:

Every recruit in Basic Training needs to keep in contact to keep their spirits up and keep motivated to reach their goals. Ensure that No One is Left Behind.

So he founded Calls for Recruits.

This past January something special happened. Kimberly Megargel noted a special contest by the Gold Toe company. They were asking for submissions to their Heart of Gold contest. Megargel remembered Recruit man and all the things he had done for our Navy Recruits. She nominated him.

Word quickly spread among the Navy family that Recruit man needed help. And as always the family came through. They were able to secure enough votes to ensure that Recruit man took top honors.

Here is what Recruit man had to say about his win.

Thank you to everyone that voted for me in the Heart of Gold Contest. I am truly Overwhelmed and Can’t Believe that I actually won. I want to express my thanks to Kimberly Megargel who nominated me, and to Everyone who supported me and voted every day.

As for the winnings, I have 15 packages that are boxed up with goodies for deployed sailors that I will be sending out when I get the check. With the leftover $1300 I am going to purchase phone cards and that should cover about 2 weeks of emails sent out to families for the recruits. This couldn’t have come at a better time, I have been getting more requests lately than usual, and I was fearing of running out of cards. This goes to show that God Works in Magical Ways.

I couldn’t have done this without ALL of you, and for that I am truly grateful as I am sure the Men and Women who receive these Care Packages and Phone Cards are truly grateful as well. God Bless You All…Thank you! Bravo Zulu and Go Navy!!!

BZ Navy family and BZ Recruit man.

For those wishing to help with Recruit man’s mission to make sure every Sailor Recruit that needs access to a phone card gets one please, or for those who know of a Sailor Recruit in need, please visit Callsforrecruits.org 




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