Never Underestimate the Power of Coffee or a Service Member’s Gratitude for a Cup

I had a few extra dollars this week from taking on an extra shift of two. Knowing that it wouldn’t hurt myself or anyone else in the family, I decided to chip in a little extra to my charity of choice- Cup of Joe for a Joe.

Green Beans Coffee- COJ

Green Bean Coffee and the Cup of Joe program 

While not your average run of the mill charity (meaning you really can’t use it as a tax deduction)so lets call it a donation program and it is especially easy. Go to their website: Choose the amount of coffee you would like to donate (1 cup- 5 cups- 10 bags). Write a message of support. And for a whopping cost of $2 a cup a service member around the globe gets a hot (or cold) non-alcoholic beverage of his or her choice.

The Power of Gratitude and a Silly Question 

This last round of caffeinating the troops was a success. I figured it would take a few days for the donations to get to the troops, as troops aren’t always the easiest of people to track down. The motto is they come to you… when they are ready. That might be several weeks, several days… or last night at full speed. Either way, I received the message this morning that all coffee had been accounted for and to my surprise 8 out of the 12 answered with more than thank you for the coffee. It lifted my spirits on this…very difficult day.

12 Service Men and women were asked: For two weeks you would develop any superpower in the world, cache is that you had to relieve one super hero so he or she could take vacation. What superpower do you gain and who do you relieve?

Their answers in no particular order:

Cup of Joe #1

The superpower of all superpowers, The almighty. I would relieve to make peace on earth.

Cup of Joe #2

I wouldn’t want to amaze you, but I’m in fact covering for 2 people this week! I’d like to be telepathic please; knowing what’s coming up is a bit of a bonus at the minute. Thank you for support.

Cup of Joe #3

Not sure about a superpower, but I’d fill in for Batman for 2 weeks. He is someone anybody could be if they worked hard enough at it. Thank you for the Cup Of Joe 🙂

Cup of Joe #4

my superpower would be super strength. I think my fav superhero would be Cpt America. I think that in this day and age we forget how fragile we are a a county. we need someone to stand up for freedom and be the light in the darkness.

Cup of Joe #5

I would want to fly at the speed of light, so that I would be able to fly home in a split second to see my wife and friends and then be back in time to go to work.

Cup of Joe #6

The ability to read minds and predict the future. I would relieve Xavier. Why? Because I would be able to save the life of all Armed Forces personnel from danger.

Cup of Joe #7

I would definitely choose Superman. It’s and easy decision. I really dont believe in scare tactics but i believe that within 2 weeks, i could “strongly” pursued more peaceful solutions. lol. thanks for the coffee.

Cup of Joe #8

Bacon? Was bacon the answer? Because it always seems to be the question! Seriously though, the coffee is much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of Coffee or a Service Member’s Gratitude for a Cup

  1. Absolutely love this! I may have to try a super question next time 🙂


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