Uniform 360: Decoding a Sailor

“How can you tell? They look just alike,” A friend of mine noted while looking at pictures from the fleet. It’s not an uncommon saying. Because of the uniform they all do look a lot alike, but there are a few key differences that tell everyone (especially others in the fleet) all the information they need about a sailor. Think of it like wearing a resume on your sleeve.

USN's new app Uniform 360 www.navy.com/uniform360/

USN’s new app Uniform 360

Instead of struggling to decode sailors these days, the Navy has made it simple. They have come up with an app called Uniform 360. Check it out.

Along with Uniform 36o, the Navy has conveniently compiled a visual of insignias and decorations.

Hope you enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Uniform 360: Decoding a Sailor

  1. Great graphic treatment! Fun, interesting. educational and also moments that are sobering…like when you realize that a certain uniform has a tag on front that denotes blood type. This is serious work they do. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Yes, it is an amazing app and kinda fun to scroll through. I’m glad the Navy took the time to share it.

      And you are right, sometimes we take it for granted that what they do can be dangerous. Especially when you realize everything on their uniforms are there for a reason.


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