The End Is Near – Preparing for Navy Boot Camp Graduation

While the days seem to have been crawling along at a snails pace, I find myself looking at the calendar and thinking, “How is it July 16th already!?” And then I think of plans that need to be finalized and things that need to happen between now and leaving for Great Lakes and I think, “I don’t know if I have enough time to do it all! Where did the days go?!” I guess time really is relative, in one breath I’m cursing the clock for moving so slowly, and in the next I’m wondering where all the days went!

To say that I am excited for graduation is an understatement. I think of our reunion in my minds eye and I tear up. I’ve been periodically sitting in on the live streaming Navy Boot Camp graduations from the RTC website, and when I see the Navy drum line file out to perform I get choked up, even though my husband isn’t among them. (This Friday my husband WILL be performing in the drum line for graduation, however, so I should be able to watch him performing live the two Friday’s prior to his own graduation! *happy dance*)

Since I am still not certain how long Jonathan will have after graduation to spend time with me before shipping out to A School, I’ve quit trying to plan the details of the weekend (Will we go sightseeing in Chicago? Will he want to stay at the hotel? Will he want to take a nap? Etc. etc. etc. ) and I’m instead committing to being flexible for the day of graduation and I’m focusing on the things that I CAN control. Like what to wear, what to bring, and the like.

When I get antsy and restless and need to plan and feel productive, I just focus on:

The PIR Meet and Greet Meet  – There are quite a few Meet and Greets going on the Thursday night before graduation. Some are impromptu meetings among women and families who networked on Facebook, and others are regular weekly happenings at hotels and banquet halls. I am trying to coordinate with the family members of others in my husband’s ship and division so that we can all meet in person after socializing for the past two months online. I also made some patriotic Navy lapel pins to bring as gifts for the women who have been a great support during the past few weeks! Crafting and meeting new friends is a great distraction for me!

What to Wear – Being a cosplayer, the first thing that pops into my mind is a slutty version of a sailor uniform, but that isn’t practical for various reasons. Haha. I want to dress up for my husband, but not too formal, and I want dress in patriotic colors, but not to the point of, “Hur hur hur! I’m Navy themed!” I also want to make sure I wear something that highlights my belly. I’ve gained a good 4 inches around in my baby bump since Jonathan left, and I want him to be greeted by his wifey AND his baby after he graduates! Since my pregnancy moods shift every five seconds I’m putting off making any outfit purchases until the very last minute, but I am obsessing – probably more than I should – over what to wear! Browsing inspiration on Pinterest and window shopping at the mall have helped me pass the time, if not helped me make up my mind. ^_^

What to Pack / Bring on the Trip to Great Lakes – I am forgetting everything these days. And I mean, everything. I left the iron plugged in two nights ago and the stove on for almost 8 hours straight the night before that. So I’ve compiled a list of things to take to his graduation so that I don’t forget them when it comes time to pack my bags. My list includes everything from the obvious (my camera, extra batteries, memory stick) to the obscure (some comfy clothes for him to wear in the hotel, love letters for him to read on his plane ride to A School, his cell phone / electronics, etc.). But I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something, because it’s such a BIG day and my list of things to not forget seems so SMALL! So I keep checking, double checking and then triple checking this list. Haha.

Capturing Photos of the Special Moments – I am a photographer, and a photojournalistic one at that. If something monumental happens in my life, I want gorgeous crisp images of it to remember forever and ever and ever. So I’ve been obsessing over how I am going to get some pictures of Jonathan and I upon our reunion. I’ll be too busy bawling like a baby and hugging his so hard I may break him to take pictures, nor would I want to interrupt the special moment with being a shutterbug. So I have been trying to map out who gets my camera when – for instance, toss the camera to mother-in-law when I fly into my husband’s arms and he wants to kiss my pregnant tummy. Not only will it be a moment to treasure, I hope it will be a moment we can share with children and grandchildren for many years to come.

Also, with my husband being in the 900 division, and performing in the drum line, a number of women have offered to take photos of him performing at the graduations prior to his own. And I am planning on paying it forward and taking photos of other SR’s performing during my husband’s graduation. So I have been compiling a list of which performers to take photos of, in addition to the photos of my husband!

So without “planning the day”, there is still plenty to plan for and consume my thoughts and help with the passage of time. Sometimes I feel like I desperately need things to do / focus on, and other times I think, “Holy cow, I have no time to get everything done, I need less to worry about!” But as each day passes and brings me closer to my husband’s graduation – only 16 more days to go! – the excitement keeps building! One thing is for certain, I am so very proud of my sailor and can’t wait for his special day!


2 thoughts on “The End Is Near – Preparing for Navy Boot Camp Graduation

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    Another guest post I’ve written for Buoyed Up blog. If you are in the habit of hearing my whine about my thoughts / concerns over coffee, then you have heard all this before. 😉

  2. Congrats on Almost Graduation Day! I think, “committed to being flexible” is a great plan. Can’t wait to the see the pictures!


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