USS San Jacinto (CG 56) Needs Your Help

We need your help tonight.

We know that you are frightened when you hear the news reports and interviews on television about world events. We know it’s the image of your loved one that comes to mind when you hear about hostile threats being spoken or actions being taken.

It’s natural to want to post, share, tweet, and call all of your friends, neighbors churches, and schools…we know that you only want their support…that in these difficult days you need their support.

We live in a reality though, where our safety is contingent upon what others may know about us.

You see, once information is given…names of sailors, location of ships, planned maneuvers, weapon capabilities, pictures of equipment, etc…well then it can’t be rescinded.

We can’t undo that damage; that’s when it gets dangerous.

So, please help us tonight to stay safe:

Protect our names
Remove comprising pictures
Ask before sharing our location
Yank any identifying information

The days here are long and the mission complicated.

We are following orders…we want to make you proud
We are not scared…we are very proud to be here.

Thank you for helping us!



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