Stand at attention

Today commences the 3rd annual Stand At Attention competition between the 5 branches of the United States Military. The competition’s goal: raise money for military families in need.

20130907-011205.jpg Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard will compete to see which branch can stand at attention the longest. The competition hosted at the Triangle Towne Center in Raleigh, NC begins at 10 am eastern time and will continue until the last service member is still standing (or 8 pm when the mall closes). In the event of a tie, the branch that has raised the most money will be declared the winner.

The Stand At Attention Competition

Contribute to the competition.

20130907-011250.jpg The Stand At Attention competition was designed to raise money to help military families in need. To contribute to the cause please check out Stand At Attention’s official website: Active Heroes: Stand at Attention Competition.
Remember, while all money raised goes to help military families in need, if you choose to donate- make sure it goes into the bucket of the branch you wish to see victorious. At the end of 10 hours if there is a tie- the tie breaker goes to the branch that raised the most money.

And don’t forget to watch the competition live! The Stand At Attention competition will be streamed live over the Internet at


US Sailor competing in the Active Heroes Stand at Attention Competition in North Carolina.

UPDATE (3.04 EST)-
This Stand at Attention is dedicated to the late MA2 Philip Bordeaux.  He was one of the co-founders of the competition. MA2 Phillip passed away at the beginning of August in a car crash in Naples Italy.

Active Heroes has broken a record for the amount of views they have received thanks to the streaming live of  the Stand at Attention Competition.

Current total raised: $30,000.

Current Leader: Navy, followed closely by Marine Corps.

The Stand at Attention event brought in $38,269  for military families in need.

1st Place Navy with $10,939
2nd Place Marines with $10,028
3d Place Army with $9,759
4th Place Air Force with $4,130
5th Place Coast Guard with $3,413

Bravo Zulu service members, and BZ to those who helped make this possible.



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