Navy responds to the Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Washington Navy Yard (NNS) September 16th 2013-

A member of the military stands guard at the scene of the shooting.  (Photo credit: CNN)

A member of the military stands guard at the scene of the shooting. (Photo credit: CNN)

At 8.20 am an active shooter was reported inside the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters building (Bldg. 197).  D.C. Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier confirmed there were 12 fatalities in a shooting with at least 3 more hospitalized.

An active shooter, believed to be Aaron Alexis– a former Navy reservist from Texas, is deceased. There is much speculation surrounding the circumstances and subsequent details of this shooting, including the number of active shooters. As this is an ongoing investigation, information will be updated as it is received.


Important information and Resources for Washington Naval Yard (WNY) Personnel and their families. 

1. Lockdown 

  • WNY is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • A Shelter in place order is still in place- WNY personnel need to be cleared and released by authorities.
    • WNY personnel are being released following interviews by the FBI
    • WNY personnel will be transported to one of the following upon release:
      • the Washington Nationals Stadium, Parking Lot B, South Capitol & N St SE
      • the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Emergency Family Assistance Center
  • WNY personnel will not have access to their vehicles.
    • employees will have to find alternate transportation home
    • Free Metro passes are available to impacted WNY employees at Lot B.
  • WNY will be open Tuesday (Sept. 17) to mission essential personnel only.

2. Order to Account
The Navy has issued an “Order to Account” for the following

  •  All Navy uniformed personnel assigned to commands in the D.C. metro area
    • both active duty
    • selected Reserve.
  • Family members of Navy uniformed personnel assigned to commands in the D.C. metro area,
  • Navy civilian employees
    • NAF and NEX personnel included.

Personnel muster through the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS). To muster, visit the NFAAS website at

3. Emergency Family Support 

The Navy has established an Emergency Family Support Task Force to assist victims, workers and families with issues related to today’s shooting.

Important numbers- 

  • Warfighter and Family Support Center
    Family members of WNY employees looking for information about their loved ones, or request for additional services, can contact the Warfighter and Family Support Center at 1-855-677-1755, 202-433-6151, 202-433-9713, 202-433-3234 or 202-685-6019.
  • Counseling Services & Chaplain Support
    Multiple teams of chaplains and councilors are on scene to assist those impacted by this event. They will be on hand over the next several days to provide further assistance.

    • Critical Incident Stress Management or counseling services are available at 800-222-0364.
    • Those requesting chaplain support can contact the Warfighter and Family Support Center at 202-433-6151 or 202-433-9713.

Note: Anything that has been stricken out is no longer in effect.



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