Misadventures of Boo her Turtle

Well, for starters, my name is Boo and my lovely U.S Sailor is Turtle. Of course, I can’t tell you our real names! Welcome to my portion of this blog. Made to explain the ridiculous and amazing things that tend to happen in our lives.

I was born in one of the biggest cities in the U.S. Dallas, Texas. Yes, folks, I am a Texan. But I didn’t grow up in the big city, oh no. I was raised in a small city on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. A country bumpkin, is a dreadful understatement! Happily, I dont do the overdone Texas accent, for that would be awful. Okay! So, I moved to Oklahoma when I was twelve. My grandma had moved up a year before me, and didn’t want me and my brother in Texas anymore. What a culture shock I had! Moving from a mostly white town, to Tulsa, Oklahoma was a drastic change of scenery. It was okay though, I survived and adapted, and it turned out to not be so bad. I went to college there for a while, but decided the major I had wasn’t what I wanted and moved out of my Aunt’s house. Couch hopped for 5 months, stayed with a friend for 6, then moved to Kansas with Turtle. Now, this is all in an extreme nutshell.

Me and Turtle met in 2006 (Online; Gaiaonline to be exact), and were best friends up until 2008 and we decided we were in love. Now, we were only 16 years old (We are 20 now). Very much, naive. So we stayed together, and built our relationship on a whole lot of trust. In our senior year of high school, Turtle informs me he wants to join the military, the Air Force to be exact. Now from the beginning, you can go ahead and conclude that this doesn’t happen. But he tried. Anyway, Last October, Turtle moved to Tulsa! So, crap happened, and Turtle ended up switching to the Navy, and BAM! Bootcamp in May. It was a whirlwind. So, Turtle decided that Tulsa wasnt the place to leave me, while in boot. So uprooted and moved, here I am in Kansas, and he is off on Navy stuff. (Can’t tell you where, now can I?)

Welcome to my life. (:



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