The Nuke Life (Dean & Marie)

So here I (Marie) am in a new city and state and watching my hubby (Dean) do things he never said he would do.  He joined the Navy and become a Nuke.  The joining the Navy is what he said he never would do.  Well one thing led to another and last October, October 4, 2011, to be exact, he signed his life over.  And then May came and Dean went to Boot Camp.  I felt lost my best friend left for something he wasn’t excited about for a whole 8 WEEKS.  I then found people in my same boat, life became a little easier knowing I wasn’t alone!  He graduated and that day I think was almost better than our wedding day!  2 days later Dean came down here, to where we are now.  I followed later, a short 4 days later.  That takes me to now…life continues on as normal… now a different kind of normal.  But loving it anyways!



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