Unpacking Our Lives! (Ollie & Pop)



My name is classified for the protection of the US Navy, but more so for my United States Sailor, Popeye. For all intents and purposes, you can call me Ollie. And this… this is our life. It’s not neat, nor is it orderly as I had hoped it would one day be, but it’s ours. It’s been boxed up and carted to many different locations. This current one  is just one of the many, many stops along the way.


I’m a small town girl home-grown on the skirts of a corn field in northern midwest. I had a fairly typical middle class American family with a very military twist. There are 17 military service members in my family from 4 of the 5 military branches. There are 9 Sailors, 4  Soldiers, 3 Airmen, and 1Marine that make up my contingency.


My Popeye is also a small town guy but with big city aspirations. He is also the smartest, most linguistically gifted person I know. Pop graduated from university a few years ago. While deadening in the job market in a stagnant economy, he discovered the United States Navy. Shortly there after, he enlisted.


I met my Popeye over 2 years ago. We met on an online dating site and quickly discovered that we had always just missed each other in person. We went to the same events in college. Had the same outlook. and were studying roughly the same things. How we could have missed each other- I don’t know… Perhaps it was at the time when I was head over heels for a Kenyon guy and he was in the same state for a young Russian girl (Ok, she wasn’t that young. She was his age!). Anyway, we met and he took me out to dinner. It was a disaster. I puked my guts out. (Today, I’m still worried that perhaps I did puke on his shoe! and he is just being nice about it.)

Our relationship lasted a short while back then, but we were all over the map. We wanted a relationship but had no interest in putting ourselves into it. We broke up. Things were messy and very bad for a while. We barely could talk without it turning into an argument. Yet, miracles do happen.  Soon we were talking again not arguing. We were open and honest with out mistakes. We really were that dumb. Our mistakes were small and very petty. We saw how easy they were to fix, so we took a second chance.

That second chance has landed us here…. In the Navy!



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